Sunday, December 20, 2009


Its Snowing outside !! wow .. amazing .. really , i hate the COld and the Rain in the winter ..
But onething about the winter - SNOW . i just Love IT !!

the last hour i was having some fun at my front yard >_< before i got really cold and it start to snow really hard >_< but again .. i really enjoy it hohohoho !!

View from my room upstairs ..

Thick Snow >_<

Having fun in my front yard.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let it snow let it snow let it snowwwwwww!!!!!!!

2009 12 17 , SNOW

Its 1 week before christmas and its SNOWING outside.
Yesterday night started the frist drop of snow here in holland.
Today early in the morning, i woke up. I saw the whole back yard is WHITE.
Wow its exciting !!! HOHOHOHOHOOOOO ( i thought this year christmas came early !! HOHOHOHO )

wel every Snow LOVERS enjoy it while it still there ! HOHOHOHO

Let it snow , Let it snow and again LET IT SNOW!!

<< im too happy , if u see a chinese guy running arround in the park , with snow in his hand .. probly would be Me >>

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The name is MARK

2009 12 13 . sunshine

Early of today .. i took a walk in amsterdam .. and since i need to work like at 1600 . so i went back home for some portrets.  cause i got inspired by a gentlement outside of a store at the 9streets .

well here it is .. i call it  THE MARK SERIE .. There 's a movie from CHOW YUN FAT . in that movie Chow plays as a ganster named MARK . he is damn cool inside . with suit and long coat ! all i need is a Shotgun. ermm nah .. lets keep it this way !

well hoop that next shot gonna be better .. cause that pants is damn too long hehehe ..
that's all for now

more coming soon !

Enjoy the weather all ! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Its been really cold here lately. Everyday all i wanna do is stay in my Warm BED .

I havnt take any pictures for quite a while. Its all because of this weather. Way too cold.

Lets hoop that winters goes away faster. Spring we all want " YOU " right now !

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

G - STEAMY [ Skater Park ]

2009 11 18  Strong Wind , Rainy Day

G - STEAMY  Photoshoot >_<

Since Lastmonth or so .. its getting dark already like at 4PM .  Dutch Weather .. no one can help it ..
early in the morning i woke up .. had my breakfast.. check my equipment.. than i walk out for some Pre test shoots :P after all its been a while i shoot with a model !! i hoop later on all will go fine XD

After like an hour i arrived the skaterpark.. OMGSH .. the wind blow so hard even i lean on front i cant fall down .. the wind just blow me back >_< ' i started kinda worry about the shoot later on >_< ..

Mic , Ray , FD arrived .. so we started taking some GUYS pics .. while w8ting for the lady's :P
came up with alot of idea's. Took some pics before the lady;s arrived.

G and her crew arrived ... wow G looks fabulous .. really really really HOT !! we start taking off our clothes :P while we taking pics .. after like awhile we totally forgot how cold it was ..

cause we were super IN TO SHOOTING !! hehe  make up and the clothes just so FINE !!

well it got dark toooo soon .. but we had alot of fun and SURELY there will be a next time !!


Thankss all for a great shooting day !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diner at NACHTWACHT again !

11 - 11 - 2009  a cold rainy day ..
Our plan was to do some walking arround the city in Amsterdam . act like a tourist and take some pictures. But at arround 12 o'clock i arrived Amsterdam . It starts raining .. well No WHERE TO GO !
And the TEAM ( mic, Ray , FAT , B , ) aint here yet.. how am i gonna kill the time?? ERMMM walk arround in central station like a FOOL ..??
wel alot of intresting stuff i just noticed . that usually i wont even LOOK at it .. example .. alot of those OV- Chip machines has placed at every entry ..  so i walked abit arround CS .. took some pics

Yin arrived as the 1st .. than Mic , Ray , and FD also ..
We have our " Breakfast " at HoiSing like always .. alot of fun ChitCHATS ..

after that we accompanied Yin to PC HOOFDSTRAAT ( where all those Expensive hight brand stores are , which i never go cause of those Hight prices ,, that's another story :P ) she bought something at the Luis Vuitton store .. we walked abit at Pc ... Ray bought a Dolce & Gabanna shoe .. ( afterwards he keep complaining  at his regret >_<' wel as we say u bought that shoe .. and u look good at that shoe .. )

After all those Shopping we head back to the City .. and the guys Force me to get the game " Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 " wel its actually a quite nice game. but im just not that in to Shooting games.
i had it for like 3 hours in my hand. before Zhi joins us ..

we had some drink at The CROWN ( quite a relaxing place )

Z & S join us at NachtWacht.. First thing Z see us is .. Where is My Game !!! ?? !!! That was the story of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ! ( heheh Zhi is probly playing it right at home now , while im writing this blog )
Maybe next week i gonna get it too . but first i gonna play it first >_< hoop i can enjoy it. and not got Knifed by some random dude :P

that was kinda of my Wednesday ..

Monday, November 9, 2009

almost hairless!

its getting cold and colder here ... yesterday i decided to cut my hair .. ya know again by my mommy ( <3 her )  something happened ( like always ) while my mommy cutting my hair .. she mistakely cutted some part too short or somthing like that ... in the end.. i need to cut them all off... wel here is how i look right now

me with my 2cm hair in this cold winter !! wel i really enjoying it .. haha its so FRESH and FREE !!
i think i gonna let it grow abit than i will stay like this >_<


thankss mommy !!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enjoying the Cold , Rainy day !!

what's best to do at a cold rainy day ??? like today .... its 16.45 right now and almost dark outside .... damn i cant believe almost winter already !! surely i dont like the winter. but cant do anything about it .. thats the way how it is ...

what to do at this kind of day? i know i know. i just pulled Hunter X Hunter out from my DVD BOX ( which i bough in HK , its the only anime i ever bough >_< ) start to watch it ... for the 108909382th time ..  ofc a cup of tea and some peanuts.

just made my day !

how about u ?? still enjoying so far ?

take care everyone .. dress more when ya go out cause H1N1 is everywhere !!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

autumn !!! YELLOW !

Autumn ( i personally really love it .. besides those rainy days ofc )  Yellow Every where !!

Its time to get ya Yellow stuff out !!!

lets enjoy it ... and NO MORE RAIN PLZ .. every time im out i get wet ..

Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 10 21 Paleis Het LOO - far far away !!

<<  2009 10 21 - SUNNY , WARM good for out door shooting ..   >>

After a disasting night ...  Crush over by Mic .. i woke up early .. wel not that early .. arround 10.30 ..
went down .. made my self some tea .. and start to think some SP 's .. but dint work out quite wel cause the Music of  yesterday from Escape still rocking my head .. 
but it turn out i got this

ofc .. when every one woke up .. we took a FaMily pic before we leave the house .. and on our way to Appledorn which is like an hour drive from Mic's place ..

finally we arrive there ..
10euro entree .. wel before we going in .. i keep whining .. wtf man so damn Expensive ... ( but after i saw what's inside .. i feel like kinda worth it tho )
as always once we get in .. we started to take pics like crazy .. heheh wel here and there .. some place inside the paleis aint allow to take pics .. dun know why .. Ray said cause the Flits might DMG the painting ?? wel we dont know that ..   after some time .. it turn out that we runing out of time .. i mean not enought time to take picss of all places .. so i took a RUSH .. walking fast and see all first ..

after we see almost every thing .. the sun is gone .. and we start to get hungry ..
we took our Soep inside a cafe at the paleis .. and ride back to amsterdam.

when we arrived amsterdam .. we though ya know gonna call Z up and have diner together  ofc w8 for FD to finish his training .. and have some nice  Man conversation .. But Z juse took of a Tooth .. he cant barly speak .. so next week maybe :P

i . Mic and Ray .. walked arround took some night pics .. arround Dam Squar .. when it gets damn COlD .. we went to chinatown and eat at WING KEE ... than gone home ..

wel quite a nice day ,,

lets see what heppens next week :P

<< we decide gonna see all the nice places in Holland >> wel hoop we can do it XD  and plzz go away winter hahahaa !!