Sunday, March 29, 2009

She got style - Ketty

Another Serie just started today ..
" She Got Style " we got Ketty Chung this time ..
she is a FASHIONSTAAAH !!!
damn u shoulda take a look in her wardrobe.
also she looks good on my shirt too >_<''

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alan Salon ..

Alon Salon .. very famous Salon in amsterdam , near ChinaTown.
A place when my friends and i cut the hair !

Alon in action with HongJai !

After its done !

Mc with his new haircut !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 03 11 Library with Mc Yin and Manjai !

Library - Where people study's , looking for informations , reads. also a nice place to shoot some intresting photo's ! so here was i .. in the bigest library of amsterdam .. with MC , Yin & Ray.
The Triangle Luv
All starts here
3 ( who to choose ? )
u and me !

he & she


magic lamp can u tell me ?

is that the right book to read?

hehe good day after school

here is not the place that ya sleep !


what ya thinking ?

Cinderella of the story

Going down

Hard work

Intresting ?



yes that one


Only truth infront of the Magic lamp

Laydown and think

On top after shooting . Cold at night

this is the end of the start of it !
Im quite happy with the result of this serie ..
Till the next time ..
To Be Continued ..........