Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

2009 Self Portrait !

2009 05 29 Sunny day ...
today i got bored at home ... while i was browsing flickr ..
i got inspired ..
so i tryed some self portrait out !!
well pretty fun tho ..
its pretty hard to find a good model now days ..
so i gonna do it my self :P hehehe
hoop it works well later on !!
i as " Spidy "
More coming soon !!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 05 27 Cold Horror day !

2009 05 27 - Cold - Windy

i went to da hospital with my mom in the morning for body check. after that ..

its the happy wendsday with the 5 WOLF !
first we meet .. had lunch at Hoising .. same like always la ..
than we visited Helen :P .. Raymond .. took some pic of me .. i wanted a M J pose ! hahah

we went to Pathe Arena .. and watch movie ...

we got like 2 choise first ... KNOWING or Night at the Museum 2 ,,,

while we still argueing ..
some one forgot who ( after that movie i forgot every thing ) ..
:"wow we need to see this one" ( the movie we saw today ) .
some one said again .. :"no man its a damn old movie tho .. "


Scary and disgusting movie ... eeeeeuwww !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009 05 Jo - 1st shot Amsterdam ZeeBurg !

This is the first time i really taking some pics of Jo ( Joanne Lam ).
I know her quite long already. so alot of things goes pretty easy.
Just the Pose and Eye Expression need to work on.
We took a walk in Zeeburg. We pass by a quite nice bridge .. Took some nice shots.

Cross over the Bridge..
At the other side !

Walking back

That was the Mojojojo shot !! Till the next time !
Thanks again - JO !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 05 JNF - Black & White !

with JNF - Jennifer !
Smoke .. Jnf - Her house

JNF - Her mom's restaurant !

On our way back i found a nice door !

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 05 SkaterPark - Photoshot Location.

Yesterday .. i pay a visit to a SkatePark .. in Koog aan de Zaan .. not far away from the city where i live. i saw it last time in the car near the hight way .. yesterday i got some time ( thanks to my friends come late as usual.... we got a late diner ) so i decided .. to check that place out .. maybe quite nice for next photoshot... cause i dont have studio settings etc .. Outdoor photography is also my favorite .. so location is hard to find .. and a nice location can help me alot XD hahah wel any way .. thanks for iPhone navigation system .. i got there pretty easy ..

WOW its really bigger than i thought ... there are 2 mini basketball/ indoor voetball field .. than u got a place voor skaters .. wow .. really amazing .. i started to like that place hahah maybe gonna go back there when its weekend .. so there would be more people there ..

i stayed like almost 2-3 hours there .. checking every spot out .. and thinking if there is a model with me .. how the photoshots gonna be .. etc .. alot of thoughts ..

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after that i went back to Amsterdam .. and eat with my friends .. once again ..
we went to a Japs restaurant ( which run by chinese ) heheh there goes our Happy Wendsday !!