Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 10 21 Paleis Het LOO - far far away !!

<<  2009 10 21 - SUNNY , WARM good for out door shooting ..   >>

After a disasting night ...  Crush over by Mic .. i woke up early .. wel not that early .. arround 10.30 ..
went down .. made my self some tea .. and start to think some SP 's .. but dint work out quite wel cause the Music of  yesterday from Escape still rocking my head .. 
but it turn out i got this

ofc .. when every one woke up .. we took a FaMily pic before we leave the house .. and on our way to Appledorn which is like an hour drive from Mic's place ..

finally we arrive there ..
10euro entree .. wel before we going in .. i keep whining .. wtf man so damn Expensive ... ( but after i saw what's inside .. i feel like kinda worth it tho )
as always once we get in .. we started to take pics like crazy .. heheh wel here and there .. some place inside the paleis aint allow to take pics .. dun know why .. Ray said cause the Flits might DMG the painting ?? wel we dont know that ..   after some time .. it turn out that we runing out of time .. i mean not enought time to take picss of all places .. so i took a RUSH .. walking fast and see all first ..

after we see almost every thing .. the sun is gone .. and we start to get hungry ..
we took our Soep inside a cafe at the paleis .. and ride back to amsterdam.

when we arrived amsterdam .. we though ya know gonna call Z up and have diner together  ofc w8 for FD to finish his training .. and have some nice  Man conversation .. But Z juse took of a Tooth .. he cant barly speak .. so next week maybe :P

i . Mic and Ray .. walked arround took some night pics .. arround Dam Squar .. when it gets damn COlD .. we went to chinatown and eat at WING KEE ... than gone home ..

wel quite a nice day ,,

lets see what heppens next week :P

<< we decide gonna see all the nice places in Holland >> wel hoop we can do it XD  and plzz go away winter hahahaa !!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 10 20 Out - Escape

Its been a while that i gone out in da club.. wel today there is a Asian Party at Escape .. FD , B , Ray and Mic are going .. so i basicly  got DRAGGED there by them .. wel any way ..
after like a smirnoff .. i was already abit DRUNK ?? wel not DRUNK DRUNK .. but a bit ya know getting in to it .. music gets harder .. and i feels more FREE ..

as it gets later and later ... i start dance like a crazy MOFO .. and i was so Turned on by a hot asian ...
ofc .. she had a " BODY GUARD BF " with her ..

wel and we had  aloooot aloooot of fun ..

abit pitty Z and S werent there with us ..

next time ZAANDAM .. thats where i live i think i gonna go again .. and haf some good time

( damn i usually aint go to those club / party at all , but after in HK and in CHINA .. already get used to )

wel till next time ..

Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 10 14 Madurodam - TINY TINY !!

What a beautiful day.. when i woke up this moring in Ray 's house .. the sun shining straight throught the window ... i can feel it already... today gonna be a great day for some pictures..

so Mic .. came at like arround 11 .. picked us up .. the plan was we gonna join the Tour of Ray's friends ( from HK , having a NL tour ) .. but they got some delay that day .. so we will have diner together :P
back to us .. so we decide to go somewhere  ... Tourist ?? ermm i mean .. we wanna feel like tourist today .. so .. i thought Madurodam .. cause i never been there before .. living in holland for almost 10 years .. never been there .. but its abit priceyyy !! ya know for just like a small small " PARK " which u can walk throught in a hour .. for 15Euro ..

after a lil disgust with M and R .. wel we going there cause its a tooo beautiful day to just go somewhere in amsterdam like usual .. just a wast ..
wel here we go ... !!


More pics

after like almost 5hours  staying there .. wel it was totally worth it .. and i love those pictures ..
will DEFF... go there again ..
hohohoho .. enjoy the day :P hoop the sun stays abit for a while :P !

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 10 07 FNV - Nieuw Markt

Today .. rains so hard .... early in the morning ,, i went out to Amsterdam doing some photoshoot ..

but as i say .. rains so hard ... i dint even took my camera out .. just walking on the street .. seeing some OLD buildings and w8ting dor Mi and Ray ..

in between i walked pass by Nieuw Markt at arround 12 at noon .. ya know gonna grap some chinese .. with them ofcourse ...

and saw the Protest of the FNV and abva kabo ... next gonna do it in dutch >_< dont know how to write in ENg ..

FNV , ABVA / KABO en de SP voerde de actie tegen de plannen van het kabinet om de AOW- leeftijd te verhogen ...

wel i took some pics .. and meet a nice guy name Onno ..
here is some pics :P

More info

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2009 10 03 Bought at 3 dwaze dagen ( but not in Bijenkorf ) ..

Another day at Michael 's place >_< i feel like his house becoming my Shooting spot ..

its the sec day of  the "  3 Dwaze dagen of Bijenkorf ,,, i bought nothing there at all .. but somewhere ealse .. hahha

here's some pics of the new Bastard look !

Actually it was damn COLD outside .. after these pics i RUSHED in to teh House !

inside and SEXY SEXY !! hehehe



Friday, October 2, 2009

Here i go again !!!!! < yes i <3 myself > hahahhahahah !

Its just the way showing myself ( the passion i got for photography :P )

Thankxxx Michael for letting me use his house >_< hahaha !