Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 iCollect - Bottle Caps

I started to collect the Bottle caps that i can get my hands on , and my dear friends helps me also with it !!
Thanks all!

if u ever open a bottle, and got a bottle top . think of me and keep me that top XD

thanks again !

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Wednesday !

2010 02 24 DRY day

Another Meeting day with the bois .. Fatdog almost back .. so EXCITED !!

erm .. its not what u think ..


we had super fun hahahaha omg

After diner at Lee's Kitchen.. Went to the movie ... Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

That movie turn out aint as good as we aspect .

The END ..
( we missing Michael :P )

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Hunt with Ching !

2010 02 23 .. Sunny / Snow day ..
Today i went Vintage stuff hunt with Ching. Its kinda hard to find some one to go with u to all those sec hand store's .. flear market's with now days. but i lucky have couple friends that like those .. like me .. and CHING hahah ..

at 1100 we meet at central station got our self some coffee from starbucks ..

than we start our jurney of hunting XD ...

First We walked to River Island and checked the boots .. erm .. not that kind of " WOW " .
But i saw a quite nice shoe :P for the summer.

Gotta love that Blue and white .. looks perfect XD

 I bought my cream and Cleaning at ICI PARIS ..

Than we Heading to the Flear Market ( Waterlooplein )

Ofc we checked my Fav place where i bought my Old blazer :P i went say hi

Another one of this lil girl .. she is the daughter of the owner!
Too cute to Not taking pic of :P

Gotta love her outfit .. and that FUR BOOTS XD

Ching found a nice Cardigan here :P

i also found some stuff from the market XD

Iron can ( <3 it i putting all my threads inside XD )

a Old badge .( i try to find this kind of badge for quite long time but cant find any >_<"" there use to be alot just arround .. now cant find any of them , wondering where all those badges gone , still on hunt wish me luck XD )
Then we saw this jacket !!

I was so inlove with this one .. i try on .. GOD its like 2 size bigger >_<"" and it was the only one .. REAL SHAME .. REAL SHAME .. and i still thinking about it WHY aint there my size >_<" but yea i know 1 day i will find my own one ..

Than we went in Episode

i found a nice Scarf ..

Than we Heading the 9 Streets XD

Walked by some stores .. and get in to our FAV store " ZIPPER "

i <3 this poster XD

and .... we dint want to leave the store :P
i got my self a blazer

Here's how it looks it on me ( i <3 it so much )

Together with the scarf from Episode

Ching got quite some stuff XD .. and we plan going back like in couple weeks again XD hoop they got new stuff then XD

Really cute jumper <3 that color XD

really cool legging .. looking forward how she gonna combine XD

black and white earing

cute whit dots with blue XD

well we dint want to go away >_< ""

On the way back .. we found a tiny store .. with alot of cute stuff .. and i got my last found of the day ..
a very cool CAMERA necklace :P that's really something me haha

Next time u will see me SWINGING IT WITH MY HEAD in a party XD

We had a lot fun ahhah and Next time again CHING !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

2010 02 17 Sunny
Its a beautiful day !! The sun is shining .. and i feel good....

Here 2010 02 17

Shirt - Daddy's
Jumper - We
Belt - Vintage
Jeans - TopMan
Shoe - Dolce & Gabbana Sneaker

Went to work .... Bought some Studs for my DIY Shoe project.

walked by some Vintage stores ... and Got my self a HAT XD

i think it looks nice on me XD hahah dont u think ?

Than we have diner at FOOK LAAM MOEN ( Chopsticks )

Soyie is Pissed off :P cause Z ( her bf ) dint show up , he still sleeping >_<

but we had alot of laughing ... and ofc great diner XD

Till Next week .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Carnival Den Bosch

WoW first time in my life i really seeing it ..  Real Carnival !!!

It was really Cold alot of people were wearing costumes. ( if i know and i had a costumes i would wear it too .. ) hahah it was TOOO MUCH FUN .. Kids were Too cute .. even the Old grown ups .. are having alot of funn Running arround .. alot of Happy music & Beer ofc .. hahahah wel i really really enjoyed !! thankss alot Ami for taking me there XD.

Too Cute these Dressed up kids ( also the parents / friends )  XD
Thanks for letting me take the picture

more Pics coming soon