Sunday, March 28, 2010


2010 03 28 Cloudy day

After couple days sleeping over at Kit's place :P
Today i got home finally :P
It feel great to be back home... but i also had alot of fun back at Kit's place XD

Pic taken by RAYMOND  YIP
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

CHUNKIT is back!! back babe back !!

2010 03 18 Sunny
Chunkit arrived amsterdam SkipHOLE at arround 6.. and we picked him up from the station at arround 6:30 God ... we missed that guy so much !! mwhhahahahaha

great to have him back tho , even for a short time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Noorder Market

2010 03 08 Cloudy day
This early morning i already woke up cause today gonna check out the Noorder Market ( Monday Market )
its Windy and cloudy + abit rain ... aint that good to walk arround .. but when i got to the market i was really really happy and too excited :P alot of suprizesss hahah

Some one i met and the things i found XD Happy day in Noorden Market  ...

Found The ring at this lady's store XD
she is a really nice lady from India
she is a stone expert :P
she happens to know every  stone with ring / necklace she sells

My lovely ring
Its a Charorite stone in it
a newly stone from russia

This lady sells clothes :P
look at her Fur Jacket , Just WOW

This cool Rene Lezard blazer XD
The blazer is alil too big for me .. but its too cool ..
so i take it .. for me its like .. erm something things u only see it ONCE .. if u dont take it ..
next time u might not gonna see it again .. u might regret about it .. so i took this one and im inlove with it .. even its abit too big >_<""

Skinny leather jacket XD
Looks great ..

Found this Jerwelly Box :P this thing is heavy !!

after those founds ... i figered out i only walked the half of the market >_<"
i dint have enough time to see all the things
so i plan gonna go back again in a saterday ( cause they also there at saterday and stay longer :P )

Part 2 Coming soon XD

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A walk at Warterlooplein Markt !

2010 03 06 Sunny

When i got up this morning .. the sun shines alot .. i though wel i gonna check the Market out at Waterlooplein...

Found quite few nice stuff XD they are so special :P

I made a necklace out of this " LONG LONG " i found :P

" the EMCA " boy scouts England

a Big one !! this is has a great sound !

Found this in a vintage store where SUSAN works.
( Susan is a very kind and intresting lady , nice talking with )

also from Susan !

after all those founds and i caugh a COLD >_<""  i went out pretty early and it was too cold :P

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Milla Jovovich & the most beautiful Wednesday Part 2

After lunch ..

Walked in to Bijenkorf .. Saw a poster of Milla Jovovich  ( mee-luh yo-vo-vitch ) with a Tommy Hilfiger bag ( its a limited edition bag of Tommy Hilfiger & Milla is supporting it for the Breast Health International ) and she will be signing in the 1st floor of Bijenkorf .. ( Milla is the ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger's initiative to support Breast Health International ) ..We totally got excited XD & respecting her for doing that !  So we all walked up stood inline and w8 for Milla J and show some support.. there was abit delay  Milla doesnt feel quite wel as i heard .. ( wish her get better soon !! wish u the best Milla )  XD

We all took 1 of this cards . Milla looks great XD!

B & Soyie in line .. too bad B must go to work....

I shooting some while waiting :P

I was hard for me to take pics there :P
but some how i managed some pics of this pretty model.
She Wears a beautiful t-Shirt with Milla J on it XD
Which i hoop we all gonna get later with Milla Signed hahah

Was Really alot of people stood before me in line ..  :P and i was one of the smallest guy there so I JUMP and took this pic :P

after a while .... 

There she arrives ...

Even she feels not that well ( cause of the weather i think , but again who can stand the DUTCH weather )
she 's got a super great smile on her and she looks also great !

Another close up of Milla J  ..look at those eyes ( most beautiful eyes there is )
( Pictures  by Michael Yong )

Finally its my turn to meet the one and the only ALICE ( Milla J )

HIHIHI .. dint know that this day ever will come but she's right infront of me right now !!
( as u all know im SCARE .. i mean REALLY SCARE of HORROr movies , i never watch them :P hahaha but Resident Evil ... i saw  it more than 20 times >_<""  yesterday again after i meet Milla J .. back to the story )

so i walked on that .. erm " STAGE ?? " i mean where Milla J sitting and signs .. 

She LIKED MY BAG !!!!!! (  she asked if i can make 1 for her OMG OMG OMG .... im so gonna send her 1 of this baby's !!! THANK YOU ALOT MILLA J for liking my bag !! )
Now i know more and 4 sure i will walk this DIY way ! i mean i will DIY more :P hahaha ( SRY for that poor English )

so i asked her if she might or can sign on my bag too XD ( The security said already before i walk on . that she only sign on the t-Shirts that we gets .. nothing ealse .. but she was sooooo Kind so i thought i give a shot :P i kindly asked and she 's VERY VERY kind and she Signed  for me .. alot of JEALOUS eyes were looking at me mwhahhahaha !! & im super happy with it XD )

My cards were in my bag i mean in the POCKET :P so was not that easy to sign .. she pulled out .. and she asked what's that ... i almost dont dare to say .. i :"  errmm those are my card :P , i took those pics and print them out :P "

OMG she is looking at my Cards XD

She Liked them too she actually took alook XD omg can u believe this ?? hahaha and the happiest thing that happened was .. SHE TOOK 1 of my cards and said i will contact u !! omg !!


( Thankss JNF for Holding my Camera and take the pic :P )
 i was totolly TOOO away TOO much Overexcited ( im still excited :P )  :P

Here's a pic Me and Mill J XD i so happy she got a super great smile too XD

Wow ... than i shaked her hand and stepped down
( that was like 1 of the time of the most excited moment of my life )

i fast Grap the camera over and do my job :P yea .. the camera man again !! i actually enjoy it behind  the camera .. ( but this time i take Michael's 50D .. and his speedlight , my d80 and my crappy lens has no speedlight .. aight gonna work so well in THIS EXCITED MOMent ! )


Michael Walked up

Michael with Milla J

Milla J  signing on a T-shirt and we all getting 1 XD

Zhi with Milla J

Milla Signing for Soyie
Milla also said :" Oh Soyie .. what a beautiful name XD !""

Zhi , Soyie & Milla J

Ray walked up .. ( God he's already TAll now he almost blocked the Whole stage :P )

Raymond with Milla J !

after all the sgning of our Crew ..

We say good bye to the KIND , very very Kind Milla J.
( we wanted actually to stay abit more .. but there were many others want to have a moment too XD )

On  our way back ..

Raymond cant w8 hahah took a pic with  his iphone XD

Than we had diner at Wing Kee ...
( i want the pics so BAD that i asked Mic come with my to my house and  give me the pictures first than he goes home ,, THanks again michael !! for doing that for me ! )

i was at home it was late but im too excited with all the things that happened the day ..
i pulled out the t-shirt and tryed on :P ahaha it fits me great !!

fits me great !


Thank you so much Milla J !
( Hoop will meet u some day again , and we can talk again XD )

All the pics of that Fabulous Wednesday

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Milla Jovovich & the most beautiful Wednesday Part 1

2010 03 03 Super sunny day !
This morning after i woke up .. the sun is shining great .. and i can just feel its gonna be a great day !
walking out of the door happy & with my camera thought gonna shoot some nice pics arround the city today XD ( been cold for a quite while dint take pics for some time .. )

What i Wear

Scarf - Vintage
Cardigan -
Jeans - Energie
Footwear - Converse Allstar Yellow ( DIY STUDDED )
Jacket - Old Vintage leather  Jacket

Michael came pick me up and we head to MediaMarket .. for some shopping XD

After that we picked Zhi up and  we walk to Amsterdam .

I walking with my 2 baby's ( Cam & 1st hand made hand bag by mi )

Michael took the pic above ( i caught him too :P )

Amsterdam Noord

Some one is having Fish tonight :P

It Holds together like our friendship XD

Some one with love ( even its old but still <3 )

Big Mic & zhi

Had our Lunch at Hoi Sing.. Soyie is LATE hahaha

B took this pic and i <3 it XD

with her RayBan on XD Smooth hehe..

Raymond said .. Hey i gonna take one too XD cause we had so look alike on ( i mean almost the same GREEn )

SOYIEEE is LATE !! hahahaha

Plz Read Part 2 for more !