Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Week in Turkey , finally Back to the netherlands !

wel wel wel after like a week in turkey.
finally back to the netherlands.
feels happy and tired.

took alot of pics !

a link for it

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tempura meeting !

yesterday was a great day .. our weekly meeting .. hehe
But firsrt .. i went out for some photo shooting .. hoop can get some good shoots ..
but end up with alooot bunch of crap pics .. haha wel still learning stage !! "" JIA YOU "" haha
walked around CHINA town in amsterdam .. the Houses in amsterdam just looks so great ..
here is some OK shoots of them . ..

love the sunlight !

we went to one of our fav restaurant -->> TEMPURA !
but some how .. we feel like missing some one .. that is our "" LONG AIR "" bro .. mc ( CHUNKIT ).. he is still in HongKong .. but he will be back end of the month .. but still without him here the jokes are still same fun .. Food still taste so good ..
but still we miss this guy without this guy we always stick LOOONG by ordering stuff .. usually he orders .,. makes all things faster ..
but than yesterday was GREAT fun .. Zhi the guy here below !

Zhi the heavy smoker !

MC .. u getting NONE ! .. damn its tasty !

zhi talks still alot , and because of that brought us a greeat night again !!

the food were just so great there .. that;s the reason why we keep going there.

Great food !

wel Until the next meeting .. haha .. looking forward ..

hopefully mc is with us than !!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Paparazzi 2008 serie !

Pictures from 2008 with Nikon D40 .. as a Paparazzi ><
I really enjoyed .. it opens my door to photography ..

i hoop in the great future i can shoot more nice pictures !!
Jim 2008 !