Sunday, February 27, 2011

day off - lazy sunday

after couple weeks working NON stop - finally a day off ...

sooooo lazy now with my ipad and a cup of tea ...

its raining also outside ...  i just run out took a pic .. and run back again :P

enjoy your own lazy day ..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

self portrait ...

just cleaned my room up ... and it looks still so messy .... but what ever .. i like it this way XD

Monday, February 7, 2011

Anne has a blog !!

Pictures by The Satorlialist 

ever since i saw the pic of Anne at The Satorialist .. i was totally inlove with her style and her total look ...
today i was traverling on the internet visiting the fashion blogs .. and i found out that anne has a blog !!!! i think its just this year that she start blogging ... 

well here its her blog ..

Been a long time since i blog last time

Been busy with work and catching up with my friends ... etc
Also my Pc crashed ( R.I.P ) so i stepped over and got my self a iMac 
Been happier with it ever since :P 

( first post with my new iMac ) 
Pics :
Mi with my new haircut / 
Helen with her new haircut aswell / 
SSL ( black & white )/
Do plying with her phone ( all day long .. she can do that :P ) /
Sydney very very happy /
Jumaa ( my old friend has return from china , he lives there now and speaks Great chinese. i was like " say what ?? "" /
Dapheny playing my iPad /
Ami ( la fashionista ) we done some shopping XD